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Revisions Week

Revisions Week published on

This is the post for the week of Monday, March 20, 2017.

Successful Group WorkNotes for This Week

  • AWOL Group Members: Some groups have reported members who are not contributing equally. If group members are there, but late or not putting in a full effort, please continue to work together and work to resolve the issues. On the other hand, if members of your group are not responding at all, let me know immediately.
  • Work for the Week: This week you will make any revisions that are necessary to your proposal and begin working on the guide that you proposed as a group..

Readings for This Week

Choose Your Own Readings: Begin reading about the sections of the Writing Guide that you will compose. Use the various open source books listed on the syllabus (and any other resources you have) to begin your research.

Writing Group Due Dates

Major Projects Due Date
Grace period for your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 21
Revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 28
Grace period for revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 30
The writing guide itself (which can take several forms) 11:59 PM on April 14
Presentation of primary information from your report 11:59 PM on May 1

Activities for This Week

  1. remind logoSign up for Remind, if you wish. I set up a Remind account so that I can push out text and email message reminders and announcements about due dates, new pages on the website, and other updates. This tool is completely optional. You can sign up if you want to, and you get to choose whether you want text messages or email messages. Find all the details at
  2. Slack LogoDownload the Slack app, if you wish. A lot of you have mentioned the difficulty of keeping up with your group on Slack since you don’t check on the website constantly. One way to solve that problem is to download and install the Slack app. I get message notifications on my phone every time one of you privately messages me or if you tag @channel (since I’m in all the channels). If you have a smartphone or table, it would help you connect more.
  3. Revise your Analysis of Writing project, if you wish. You can find your grade and any comments in Canvas. I posted general comments on all the documents on the course website. Check out those comments and revision options at
  4. Revise your group’s proposal, if your group wishes. Once your proposal is graded, you will find some suggestions for how you can improve your work in Canvas and on the course website. At this point, I have skimmed the proposals that have been submitted and noticed two kinds of revision needed: (1) proposals that do not follow the expected guidelines for the assignment, and (2) proposals that need more information to ensure that the group has done adequate planning for the writing guide. Both kinds of revision may be needed. I will update this activity once I get the proposals graded, and I will send out notifications on Remind and Slack.
  5. Begin work on your group’s writing guide. Follow the schedule that you created in your proposal to begin work on your writing guides. I suggest that you set specific expectations for everyone in your group. If you are not quite sure where to start, I have two possibilities for you:
    • Get the technical issues taken care of. For instance, if you are creating a website, get the basics set up and make sure that everyone has the access and technical know-how to contribute.
    • Decide generally what you will include for each type of writing. Specifically, think about what each of you needs to include so that your sections are unified. For instance, you probably want a brief description and the length for every kind of writing. Think about what else you want and decide on a group template.
  6. Complete a Self-Assessment for the week. Download the 03/20 to 03/24 Template and follow the instructions to share details on your work this week with me. Your self-assessment will account for your contributions to the group project and provide some evaluation of the group’s collaboration. Upload your completed self-assessment to the 03/20 to 03/24 Assessment in Canvas by 11:59 PM on Friday, 03/24. If you need extra time, take advantage of the grace period, which ends at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, 03/28.


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