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Grades on the Group Proposals

Grades on the Group Proposals published on

I have graded all of the Proposal for Writing Guide Group Project. In this post, I am providing details on how you all did and what you can do if you are not happy with your grade. Please read the information carefully and note the related dates.

Overall Feedback for the Class

  • Basic details clear for most teams: Most of you included a list of kinds of writing with a short description, who would be responsible for investigating it, and the format you will use for publishing. All the plans will work in terms of these details, and I’m eager to see what you come up with..
  • Not in proposal format: The assignment was to create a polished proposal, similar to the proposal you might write in the workplace for a project. In some cases, teams included planning information that would not typically be included in a final draft, or copied over the assignment and used it as a Q&A template. The readings from the 2/27 post (titled Group Guide Proposal Overview) included examples of what a proposal looks like.
  • Underdeveloped sections: In some cases, the information in the text was the bare minimum, providing only general information and/or few details. Ideally, the proposal should think through more of the issues and provide enough information for the reader to fully understand the project that is proposed.
  • Unclear formatting choices: The significance or underlying purpose of the formatting choices for some proposals was hard to understand. For instance, there could be a section of text that was underlined or in a red font, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to know about the content because of the formatting choice. For instance, if you are looking at a financial document and some of the numbers are in red, you know that the numbers indicate a loss or debt. I couldn’t figure out what these choices meant.

Writing Group Revision Dates

Revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 28
Grace period for revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 30

Revision Activities for the Proposals

I have created a new assignment so that those groups that want to put in additional work can improve their grade on the project. You can revise and submit to this Revised Assignment. This revision opportunity is your last chance to improve your work. There will not be a second round of revisions.

If you earned an A or are satisfied with the grade you earned, do nothing. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below to resubmit your work.

  1. If I made a mistake
    Send me an email message or a private message on Slack with the details. I’ll fix it.
  2. If your proposal had any of the issues listed above
    Revise your proposal as a group to improve your work, adding whatever is missing or tweaking the design. Upload the revision by the date in the table above, and I will regrade your work.
  3. If something else is going on
    Send me an email message or a private message on Slack with the details. I’ll see what I can do to help you.

Grading Revisions

If you complete the revision: Because of the way Canvas works, I will exempt your original proposal grade. The revision grade will take the place of original proposal grade.

If your group does not choose to revise: I will exempt this revision assignment.

For exempted assignment: You will see an EX in the gradebook. The exempted assignment is like a dropped grade. It won’t figure into the final course grade.


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