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Design Principles

Design Principles published on

This is the post for the week of Monday, March 27, 2017.

Principles of DesignNotes for This Week

  • AWOL Group Members: I think that all the missing members have been found, but if members of your group are missing or not responding at all, let me know immediately.
  • Writing Guide Date Changes: I accidentally placed the due date for the Writing Guide in the middle of Passover and on Good Friday. I know many of you celebrate these religious holidays, so I have moved the dates forward a week to allow you to go home and celebrate with family or celebrate here in Blacksburg with your friends. See the Due Dates table below with the new dates (marked ***).
  • Details in Self-Assessments: Be sure that you include full details in your self-assessments each week. One general sentence does not fulfill the requirement for the reflection paragraph, for example. I want to see specific information please.

Readings for This Week

Everyone reads these pieces on design
Teams read whatever applies to their project from these options

Writing Group Due Dates

Major Projects Due Date
Revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 28
Grace period for revision of your group’s proposal 11:59 PM on March 30
The writing guide 11:59 PM on April 21***
Grace period for the writing guide 11:59 PM on April 25***
Presentation of primary information from your report 11:59 PM on May 1

Activities for This Week

  1. Revise your group’s proposal, if your group wishes. I have graded all proposals. Information on how to revise is on the Grades on the Group Proposals page. There are special submission instructions, so be sure to check that page. Additionally, if the dates are a hardship for your group, send me a private message on Slack.
  2. Begin thinking about the design of your group project. Examine the infographics in the readings above, which explore some basic principles that will help you as you coordinate image and text in your projects. There are three videos from the Graphic Design for Business Professionals course to watch as well:
    1. Log into on the login.
    2. Watch the three videos, which should flow from the first to the last automatically:
  3. Continue work on your group’s writing guide. Your team can work on whatever is best for your progress, but be sure to include these activities:
    • Adjust your schedule to accommodate the new due date. Since the due date has moved forward a week, your team should make schedule changes to take advantage of the extra time. Allow time in your schedule to write and submit a Team Progress Report next week..
    • Talk about the design for your project. Make group decisions about the design and layout of your project. These issues may be built into the tool that you have chosen (for instance, by the template you chose in Weebly for a website, or the layout you are using in Canva for an infographic). In that case, talk about how the PARC principles apply to what you have chosen (and if they don’t, find a new template that does).
  4. Complete a Self-Assessment for the week. Download the 03/27 to 03/31 Template and follow the instructions to share details on your work this week with me. Upload your completed self-assessment to the 03/27 to 03/31 Assessment in Canvas by 11:59 PM on Friday, 03/31. If you need extra time, take advantage of the grace period, which ends at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, 04/04.


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